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Kingsley & EBP

In the summer of 2019, after my first year of seminary, I embarked on a 5 week pilgrimage from London to Rome. In a group of 8, including my now husband, I hiked over 350 miles. This pilgrimage was a physical feat! And it was a spiritual transformation.

Day after day, I put on my foot powder, sock liners, socks, and hiking boots, paired with one of 3 outfits from my pack, and I walked. I walked without knowing the mileage for the day, the name of the little town I was going to, or when the next cafe stop would come (perks of pilgrimaging with a professor who plans the trip). I walked without a calendar, without social media, and without email.

Over weeks of walking this way, I learned to live with open hands-- accepting food, coffee, and friends as they came. Pressing on through rain, blisters, and a sore back. In those open hands, I've come to accept God as Mystery, to live with more questions than answers, and to embrace that life is a pilgrimage.

I started EBP when I graduated from seminary in 2021 as an ode to "life on pilgrimage." Here, I invite you to pilgrim with me by engaging with my writings, learning about my ministry, and by reaching out to me about speaking at your school, church, retreat, or event.

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